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Proofreading Tips #7: Introductory Clauses
As the name implies, an introductory clause is a dependent clause at the beginning of a sentence. The preceding sentence, in fact, contained such a clause. Use commas to separate introductory clauses and certain phrases from independent clauses. Introductory phrases of more than five words or phrases containing verbal elements also require commas. Dependent clause openers include:
Some examples are:
"As expected, she could not turn in the homework on time."
"In the fall of last year, we held a family reunion." (use a comma after a phrase containing five or more words)
"To decide, they held a contest." (use a comma after an introductory phrase, regardless of length)
This is one area where comma use can be tricky. When in doubt, stop and think about what you are trying to say. Does the phrase warrant a pause? If so, a comma is probably needed.
:icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 84 6
Monthly Inspiration: Color Scheme January 2013 :icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 11 0
Proofreading Tips #6: Hyphenate Adjectives
When are we supposed to use hyphens? One way is to pull adjectives together. Hyphenate two or more adjectives that are joined to create a compound modifier before a noun. Examples include:
Note that when you have several adjectives that are NOT joined, you would use commas to separate them like normal instead.
How to tell if the adjectives are joined? See if each adjective can "survive" in the sentence without the other. If a "well-designed" laptop suddenly became a "well" laptop--doesn't make too much sense, does it?
:icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 25 0
Monthly Inspiration: Color Scheme December 2012 :icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 17 2
Proofreading Tips #5: Description of Verbs
Use adverbs, not adjectives, to describe the action of verbs.
"He did well on the test." (not "good")
"She completed her tasks more quickly than expected." (not "quicker")
A note on "well" versus "good," though. You should always use "well" when referring to health ("she looks well") and "good" when referring to emotion ("she didn't feel good about the exam").
:icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 30 6
Anita Concept Art - Hair :icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 4 3

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Gold Coin Comics is a site featuring my webcomics alongside The Webcomic Dojo, which is filled with tutorials, tips, references, and resources. You can also follow me at:

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Recommended Resources

Below is a list of books that I own and consider to be invaluable for any starting artist. Take a look!

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